Saturday, September 12, 2009


  • Overview

    RG ANIMATION STUDIOS is an award-winning animation studio that develops and produces content for the film, TV, and commercials.

    With the industry's top talent, state of the art technology, and the broadest range of animation styles, RG ANIMATION STUDIOS is an inspiring creative environment. It is our goal to produce highly cultural animation that is both successful in art form and commercial form.

    Furthermore, it is our aim to receive recognition from various international film festivals and in the film market. And it is our ultimate goal to construct a firm base for future productions and establish our name value. In result, we will be able to negotiate with the major distributors for high price sales in superior position.

  • Business Area

    - Feature Animation
    - TV Show
    - Commercial
    - Promotional Film
    - Visual Effect for Film

  • History

    - Established RG
    - Started to make Feature Film "Mug Travel"

    - Created Short Film "I Love Picnic

    - Created Short Film "I Love Sky"

    - Created Short Film "Contact"
    - Started to make TV Show "Backkom" Season 1

    - Finished main production of Feature Film "Mug Travel"
    - Finished main production of TV Show "Backkom" Season1

    - Screened Feature Film "Mug Travel"
    - Created Short Film "Sheep in the Island"
    - Started to make TV Show "Backkom" Season 2

    - Continue creating Short Film "Makera"
    - Continue creating TV Show "Backkom" Season 2

  • Contact

    RG Animation Studios
    For Business and Marketing :
    For Company Information :

    Synergy Media Inc.(Agency)
    2F, 64-20, Nonhyun-dong, Kangnam-gu
    Seoul 135-010 Korea
    822-540-4124 , 822-540-4125(Fax)

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